Bowling Green, Ohio

Even for a mom of three and an experienced children’s book author and illustrator, a class of kindergartners can be intimidating. But for Lindsay Moore (MSMI ’09), it’s a chance to connect with her audience, even if the Q&As don’t always go as planned.

“The other day it was virtual, so they just introduced me to their dogs because they were at home,” she laughs.

Though the very technical, highly precise world of medical illustration might seem miles away from the accessibility of a children’s book, Moore believes there are actually a lot of similarities.

“I’m a little surprised I haven’t met other medical illustrators in this field because the whole training in medical illustration is to tell a story,” she says.

Sea Bear: A Journey for Survival, which she wrote and illustrated, came after a whirlwind first few years of marriage, where she and her husband and her growing family lived in Australia and Canada before finally settling in Bowling Green, Ohio. And while she was able to do some freelance projects along the way and was part of the Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration, working with a publisher on children’s books was nice, she says, because she didn’t have to be in a specific location.

On Her Education

“I think my training in the medical illustration department was essential to me being a serious children’s book illustrator. Without it, I don’t think I would have found my way. It’s still one of the things I’m most proud of accomplishing.”
—Lindsay Moore (MSMI ’09)

Don’t mistake convenience for settling, however.

“I started working on a children’s book because I really felt like all my training had led me to that, and I knew I was equipped to do it,” she says.

A Whale of the Wild, her second book, was written by New York Times bestselling author Rosanne Parry and was published relatively quickly — in the same calendar year as the art for it was due. The book she’s working on now won’t come out until 2022, a time frame far more typical.

“I have three to four more books under contract with one publishing house,” she says. “So that’s basically the next 10 years.”

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