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cystic fibrosiis study

Looking Down the Road

It’s early on a weekday, and while his classmates are starting their school day, 15-year-old Damon Jenks is checking in at the Georgia Prevention Institute at Augusta University. Though most kids would never dream of...

Out of the Lab: Better Together

On race days, Lara Way has her shoes on before the sun comes up. Hundreds of five o’clock starts at the Augusta Canal have led her to this moment. Hundreds more will follow.

Mine the Past: On the Shoulders of Giants

In 1974, Dr. Joseph Hobbs graduated from the Medical College of Georgia. He has since spent his entire career at Augusta University and is now the chair of the Department of Family Medicine and the senior associate dean...

For nearly 200 years, Augusta University and its legacy institutions have been centers of learning and drivers of discovery and innovation in Augusta, the state of Georgia and beyond. Our community of alumni, students, faculty and friends are amazing people living incredible lives and making invaluable contributions to our world.

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