A Better Metabolic Path

Obesity is not an identity, it’s a disease, say the doctors who treat it.

Swimming with Sharks

A little scary and a lot of work: Augusta University physical therapy students dive into the shark tank and come out stronger

Georgia’s Opioid Crisis

Georgia’s Opioid crisis is devastating, and it could get a whole lot worse. Augusta University researchers are doing what they can to prepare.

Cancer Crossroads

There are those three words that most use to articulate love. For these two, there is also “Fight Like Mike.”

Latest Articles

Legendary Friendship

Longtime vascular surgeons Drs. Charles Wray and Robert Nesbit have established a fund to support resident education. Show, not tell. That’s how some former residents who trained under Medical College of Georgia...

Missing But Never Forgotten

It was the 36th anniversary of the day Dr. Bobby Marvin Jones’ family learned that he was missing in action. It was also the day after Thanksgiving 2008. The blood chit arrived via Federal Express, a small, wadded up...

Estrogen: Essential to Female and Male Brains

While we may joke about the differences between the brains of males and females, scientists like Dr. Darrell Brann are providing more and more evidence that one thing they have in common is estrogen. It started with a...


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