Stethoscope Fund

A retired Savannah allergist/immunologist and 1971 MCG graduate and his wife are endowing a fund that will provide a stethoscope, bearing the iconic MCG seal, for every freshman medical student. The Dr. Melvin L...

In Memoriam

Lamar Lafayette Fleming, MD, a 1965 graduate and retired orthopaedic surgeon who served as president of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, died Aug. 14. While at MCG, he was a member of the Scholastic...

‘I Was Here’

For Talmadge “Joe” Bowden, MD, ’66, his University of Georgia ROTC commander — a no-nonsense combat veteran of World War II with a colorful vocabulary — gave him the best advice of his career.

The Heart

The fist-sized heart is one of the first organs to develop and to function. The first heartbeats can start at four weeks of gestation; and the heart should be fully formed by week seven. Congenital heart defects occur...

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