I Just Showed Up

For Fox News journalist Benjamin Hall, who in March was lying in a hospital bed in Kyiv, Ukraine, with multiple severe injuries, the grizzled man with the salt and pepper hair had to be one of the most beautiful sights...

Learning By Doing

They’re the only places you’d be ok with a future physician failing. In simulated scenarios where high-fidelity mannequins mimic clinical environs, from a car crash victim rolling into the emergency room with shortness...

An Aging Model

The crystalline lenses of our eyes are our intrinsic sunglasses. Vitamin C, important to a host of essential functions like forming blood vessels and cartilage, enables the lens to do most of this important work of...

Cover Story: In Sickness & In Health

Like our brown eyes and the angle of our chin, our innate immunity is something we are born with. It’s the frontline and fundamental ability of our bodies to quickly and consistently attack a foreign invader, like SARS...

Disease in White Matter Impacts Alzheimer’s

Disease of the microscopic blood vessels that feed the white matter of our brain is associated with worse cognitive function and memory deficits in individuals with Alzheimer’s, scientists report.

A Protective Protein

A ubiquitous protein called sigma 1 receptor, which is known to protect cells from stress, appears key to the function and survival of the neurons most impacted by glaucoma, scientists report.

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