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12 Ways to Make a Meaningful Difference

Here are several ways to support DCG today and in the future. All gifts are either fully or partially tax-deductible.

Favorite ways to make a gift:

Cash — The most common gift you can make is cash. You have an immediate impact, and DCG benefits right away.

Securities — Stocks and publicly traded securities offer numerous advantages. Donors can transfer the stock electronically through a broker or send the stock certificate and a signed stock power for each certificate.

Gift in your will or trust — These gifts, either as a specific amount or a percentage of your estate, offer a simple and effective way to support our mission. A single sentence in these documents is all you need.

Bank and brokerage accounts — Most states allow designating a beneficiary for these types of accounts through a payable- or transfer-on-death designation.

Life insurance — Consider donating a life insurance policy you no longer need, simply naming DCG as the beneficiary.

Gifts that pay you:

Charitable gift annuity — This simple agreement makes payments to you, and possibly another individual, for life. The older you are when making the gift, the higher your payments.

Deferred charitable gift annuity — This type offers current tax benefits but delays payments until a preselected age.

Charitable remainder trust — This gift pays either a variable or fixed-dollar amount annually for the rest of your life or a predetermined length of time. At the end of the term, the balance goes to DCG.

Other tax-wise gifts:

Savings bonds — Donors avoid a tax burden by gifting these outright or through your will.

Retirement plan or Individual Retirement Account assets — These are other smart options for easing your tax burden during your lifetime and your loved ones’ tax burden after your death. In some instances, donors can also receive annual tax-free payments from these gifts.

Charitable lead trust — This charitable trust pays income to DCG for a designated period of time, with the remaining assets passing to non-charitable beneficiaries (typically, family members).

Real estate — Real estate can be directly donated to DCG, gifted through a will or living trust, sold to DCG for less than its current value or donated while you maintain residence.

For more information, or to make a gift of your own, contact the AU Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement:

  • Rhonda Banks, Director of Philanthropy, 706-446-4664
  • Mary McCormack, Associate Vice President, Estate and Gift Planning, 706-540-2885
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