Augusta and the state of Georgia are becoming key players in the national & global cyber industry.

Augusta University faculty, researchers and programs are vital to that growth. Read the new Cyber Augusta magazine to learn why we say #TheFutureStartsHere.

That Time A Movie Drove Federal Policy

Before the advent of streaming or binge watching, a 1983 box-office hit was the talk of the world’s tech-literate elite. WarGames told the story of a high school computer whiz hacking into a military supercomputer and...

Cyber Scares on the Silver Screen

As technology has advanced and cyber threats have grown, a popular theme in films and television shows has been fear of technology. Here are some cool ways cyber threats have been depicted in film, past and present. The...

Safely Saying Goodbye

Parting is such sweet sorrow … and downright dangerous if you don’t dispose of your electronic devices properly. Family photos. Social media accounts. Bank information. Think of all the sensitive material you’ve got...

For nearly 200 years, Augusta University and its legacy institutions have been centers of learning and drivers of discovery and innovation in Augusta, the state of Georgia and beyond. Our community of alumni, students, faculty and friends are amazing people living incredible lives and making invaluable contributions to our world.

We are pleased to publish four magazines in which we get to tell their stories: