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Cyber Scares on the Silver Screen

As technology has advanced and cyber threats have grown, a popular theme in films and television shows has been fear of technology. Here are some cool ways cyber threats have been depicted in film, past and present.

Italian Job

The Italian Job, 1969: Starring a young Michael Caine, this movie about a gold thief who causes a traffic jam after hacking into the city’s traffic controls was remade in 2003 with Donald Sutherland in the starring role.Sneakers

Sneakers, 1992: When a team of cybersecurity experts discovers a black box capable of cracking any encryption, they find out the lengths evildoers, including rogue NSA agents, will go to get it back.

The Net

The Net, 1995: While stolen identities have become all too common today, when this film came out, the idea that your entire existence could be erased or taken over was a new and horrifying thought. Sandra Bullock stars in this prescient thriller.


Swordfish, 2001: A spy enlists the help of a superhacker to help steal money from the government. The action revolves around questions about who is in control and what is behind the plot.

Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard, 2007: This Bruce Willis vehicle is a regular on hacking movie lists. A cyberattack is launched on the United States’ computer infrastructure. The iconic Willis character, John McClane, helps the FBI take down the cyber terrorist before the nation celebrates Independence Day.

Imitation Game

The Imitation Game, 2014: During World War II, the new British intelligence agency, MI6 (you’ve seen James Bond), enlists a mathematician to break Germany’s Enigma code.

PHOTOS: The Italian Job/Paramount Pictures, Sneakers/Universal Studios, The Net/Columbia Pictures, Swordfish/Warner Bros., Live Free or Die Hard/20th Century Fox, The Imitation Game/Studiocanal

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