Winston’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Written by Emily Lacey • Illustrated by Kris Black

Winston didn’t sleep well last night. After the last in a series of arguments, he broke up with his girlfriend, and she angrily moved out.

Winston checks the news and pays bills before getting ready for work, not realizing his ex installed spy software before moving out.

Now, not only does his ex have access to anything he does online, but she has access to his webcam and microphone as well.

While getting dressed, Winston plays his music on his open laptop — unaware that his ex is able to watch his entire morning routine.

On the way to work, Winston stops for gas. Preoccupied, he doesn’t notice anything funny-looking about the credit card slot in the pump.

Someone has placed a card skimmer on it and copies his credit card information looking to steal.

At work, Winston makes lunch plans with a coworker. His burger looks great, so he takes a photo to share on Instagram with a location tag.

As Winston and his coworker are talking and waiting on the check, his ex, after seeing the photo, walks in the restaurant to confront him.

Rattled but back at work, Winston checks his email. He gets a notification from IT that it’s urgent to update his system ID and password.

He clicks the link — and releases malware into his company’s netwoark, the victim of a phishing attack,

On the way home, Winston stops for coffee. Waiting to order, he connects his phone to the public Wi-Fi to check his bank balance.

He responds to an email from his doctor’s office. A hacker, monitoring the Wi-Fi, now has access to his banking and health information.

Back home, trying to follow an online recipe, Winston keeps getting interrupted by the “Update Software” alert he’s been ignoring.

Annoyed, he clicks “Remind me tomorrow” — again — and an important security update is not installed.

His very bad day finally over, Winston goes to bed having made it easier for hackers to make tomorrow another horrible day.


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