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Faculty Heroes

When asked for their best experiences at the university, 15 of 20 Jag20 honorees talked about our terrific faculty, using superlatives like “the best professors around” and “the greatest faculty any institution could possibly have.” Kudos to our entire faculty and to those who were called out by name:

Kathleen McKie

MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, MCG

“On the day of my formal interview at GRU, I was fortunate to be interviewed by Dr. Kathleen McKie, and I feel as though she became my advocate from then forward. … from the moment my medical school interview began, through the years in the classroom and student rotations, and into the application process for residency programs (and even now), I feel as though Dr. McKie was looking out for me.”

–Shared by Donald Loebl

Dr. Richard Harrison

EdD, former Dean of the College of Education

“In 2000, I was at a crossroads in my personal and professional life and if it were not for Dr. Richard Harrison … believing in me and taking a chance by offering me a part-time position in the department, who knows how my life would have turned out!”

–Shared by Graeme Connolly

Peter Basciano

PhD, Associate Professor, Hull College of Business

“When I was beginning to work on my finance major, I had to get at least a B in my advanced corporate finance class before I could take any of my other classes. Dr. Basciano was more than willing to help me almost every day after class. … I got my B in what turned out to be the toughest class of my college career and learned that hard work always pays off.”

–Shared by Kyle Scott

Bonnie Dadig

EdD, Chair, Physician Assistant Program

“Never in a million years did I see myself teaching PA students, but this surprise has been a huge blessing in my life. The chair of our department, Bonnie Dadig, saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. She believed that I had the knowledge and ability to teach at a graduate level. I have been on faculty now for three years, and I have learned so much.”

–Shared by Stevie Redmond

flightDonna Wear

PhD, Professor, College of Science and Mathematics

“Because my 18-month-old had an ear infection, her daycare sent her home, so I tried to

sneak her into class. I was certain Dr. Wear would not approve, but I planned to exit quickly if she made any fuss. … I kept her really quiet with strawberries and grapes. Dr. Wear walked around to where I was (back of the class by the door) and looked at us for a moment, … so I held my bowl of fruit up to her. She grabbed a couple strawberries and proceeded with the lecture. She actually cared that I was trying and didn’t try to make things more difficult for me.”

–Shared by Brandy Quarles

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