Katie Parham, dad Mike Parham and mom Sue Parham
Katie Parham, dad Mike Parham and mom Sue Parham

Coming Together

Family Day Unites First-Year Students with Loved Ones on Campus

Nearly 250 first-year DCG students and their families enjoyed a day together on campus during the college’s annual Family Day Sept. 26.

Dean Carol Lefebvre noted that by late September, most incoming students have begun to feel at home, discovering favorite haunts and hangouts in town while getting to know their classmates and routines.

“They’re getting used to the place and the pace of dental school,” she said, “but also by then, most have a subtle yearning for Mom, Dad, their siblings and other family members.” That’s when the DCG brings their family to them.

After gathering in the Harrison Education Commons, speakers including Dr. Mario Romero, assistant professor of oral rehabilitation, reminded them that “faculty are real people too” and are always available for counsel, reassurance and support.

“We know that families come in many forms,” Lefebvre said, “especially since we consider ourselves – the DCG faculty, staff, residents and students collectively – a family. It’s crucial that we all support each other as we work, study, learn and grow as individuals. It’s of the utmost importance that our students know they can count on the support of family, whether it’s here at the DCG or at home.”

Jackson Griffith, president of the class, presented slides of his classmates in various venues, and Alyssa Martini, treasurer of the Class of 2016, likened the students’ upcoming journey to a roller coaster, advising them to hold on tight but enjoy the ride. Tours and demonstrations rounded out the day.

Gabrielle Going with parents Robert and Vilijia (both dentists) and brother Nick.
Gabrielle Going with parents Robert and Vilijia (both dentists) and brother Nick.
Andrea Smith and sister Madison Parkham
Andrea Smith and sister Madison Parkham
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