A. Fall 2017 In Memoriam

Fred Bass (MD ’61)

Anderson Baxley Jr. (BBA ’74)

Fred Bell Jr. (MD ’53)

Connie Blanchard (MEd ’89)

Rudolph Bragg (MD ’52)

Dan Callahan (MD ’53)

James Carter (MD ’86)

Robert Cates (MD ’68)

Raymond Cavanagh Jr. (BA ’71)

Thaddeus Chapman (MD ’91)

William Coleman Sr. (MD ’51)

Lamar Collie III (MD ’79)

Hewlette Connell (MD ’57)

Elizabeth Cook (PhD ’70)

Lawrence Duane Jr. (MD ’67)

Waldo Floyd Jr. (MD ’24)

Fletcher Garrison (MD ’50)

David Goodrich (BSN ’01)

George Gowder Jr. (MD ’55)

Rosalie Heitzig (BA ’82)

Wilbur Jones (PhD ’68)

Jeffery King (DMD ’01)

Marianne Lennard (MT ’69)

Ira Zada Mathews (BSN ’75)

Margaret Mathews (MSN ’78)

David Maxwell (MD ’62)

Thomas McLemore Jr. (MD ’53)

Hal McNair (MD ’60)

Claude Miller Jr. (BA ’67)

Donald Miller (BBA ’80)

Luther Mills IV (MD ’65)

Teresa Mills (BS ’89)

Elmer Musarra II (MD ’69)

Rosanna Newman (BSN ’79)

Cari Ouderkirk (MD ’88)

Speir Ramsey (MD ’66)

Thu Ready (BS ’79)

Terry Sams Jr. (BBA ’76)

Linda Settle (BS ’79)

James Shanks (MD ’55)

Nayera Sharawy (MS ’77)

Gregory Simmons (MD ’88)

Elizabeth Smith (BSN ’77)

William Smith Jr. (MD ’51)

Shelley Sneed (MD ’83)

Billups Tillman (MD ’62)

Charles Veazey (MD ’69)

Ruth Wrightstone (MS ’68)

Robert Wynn Sr. (MD ’65)

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.”

Helen Keller

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