3 Qs: Gregory Griffin

Dr. Gregory Griffin (’98), assistant professor in the DCG Department of General Dentistry, practiced in Lincolnton, Georgia for 20 years (population: 1,500) before returning
to Augusta in 2018 to his alma mater to teach.

1 What’s it like serving a rural population?

It’s a lot like serving your family. Lincolnton is a small community and you get to know people so well because you see them all the time . . . at church, Little League baseball games, school functions, parades. . . . So many of our patients became close like family as we did life together in such a little town.

2 How does a private practice compare with academic dentistry?

Still figuring that one out! Private practice was great. I started volunteering in senior clinic a few years ago and realized that academics is great too. Being the only dentist in a little town forces you to learn a lot of different ways to fix things and help people. It was a daily crucible of trial and error, but the people of Lincolnton and the awesome dental team I had were more than gracious to me and taught me so much about caring for and loving my neighbor. Passing on all I can to the next generation of dentists is a huge honor and great responsibility. I am extremely excited about the future of our school! Seeing first-hand the students we are sending into the work force gives me a great sense of accomplishment as an educator and as a mentor.

3 How would you advise students currently considering their career options?

Carefully consider who you will be working for and with. We all become a product of the people with whom we associate, especially when we are beginning our professional careers. Never make a decision based on money, but rather on what you will learn, and the character and integrity of the people in your professional and personal circles.

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