Scooby Doo’s groovy Mystery Machine was among the many innovative costumes on display at the DCG’s Oct. 31 Fall Frolic. Scooby snacks were in short supply, but a chili cook-off and other goodies kept attendees well fed. Read more on page 29.

Word of Mouth: Winter 2020

First, a note of thanks. Hundreds of our alumni, faculty, students and staff came together last spring to celebrate a milestone for an institution that has transformed the trajectory of each our lives: the 50th anniversary of The Dental College of Georgia. Thank you for supporting this once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

Of course, our patients, and the citizens of Georgia in general, are the true beneficiaries of that illustrious milestone. As our DCG family enjoyed multiple anniversary-related events, we reflected with great pride on the transformation of oral health care in Georgia and beyond since we opened our doors more than 50 years ago. What a thrill to know The DCG has played such a significant role in our citizens’ health and quality of life!

Speaking of our anniversary celebration, we offer our most heartfelt appreciation to the many individuals and organizations that made it possible. For instance, the Georgia Dental Association contributed a $10,000 grant for the occasion. The GDA has been one of our biggest supporters throughout the years, and it is a thrill to feature in this edition of the magazine the DCG alumni who have served as its president. These alumni share their experiences, insights and advice in this article, which we think you will find very illuminating.

This edition also features our newly appointed interim associate dean for research, Dr. Babak Baban. You’ll be amazed by the depth and scope of his research projects, and he is bringing that same energy and attention to the studies of his colleagues. Great things are unfolding in our research labs, and we are so fortunate to have Dr. Baban at the helm.

Of course, everybody featured in these pages has made their own marks in their own ways, and continue to do so. The upshot as you flip through these pages: As remarkable as the past 50 years have been, the best is yet to come.

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For nearly 200 years, Augusta University and its legacy institutions have been centers of learning and drivers of discovery and innovation in Augusta, the state of Georgia and beyond. Our community of alumni, students, faculty and friends are amazing people living incredible lives and making invaluable contributions to our world.

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