Analyzing DNA

So I’m sitting in the office of Dr. Candace Griffith, assistant professor in the Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Social Work, and we’re talking about the use and accuracy of DNA evidence in criminal investigations.

Today, Everest

Thoughts racing, pulse pounding, Brandon Arant (BS ’13) watched the credits of a movie flurry by like flakes of snow in a blizzard. The year was 2015, and the film was Everest—a biopic adapted from the memoirs of Beck Weathers, survivor of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster.

Dissecting Fear

Talking to Pam Chinnery feels like catching up with an old friend.  She’s one of those people who can make you feel like you’ve known each other forever even if you’ve had only one conversation.

More Than a Room

On August 13, 2016, Augusta University ushered in a new era by welcoming the first class of undergraduates to the 412-bed Oak Hall, the university’s first true undergraduate residence hall.

Latest Articles

The Magic Formula

Great students, talented faculty and invested patients all contribute to the creation and development of young physicians. At the Medical College of Georgia, we are incredibly fortunate to have all three. Dr. Kelli Braun, MCG’s associate dean for...

Mission Critical

A new one-year fellowship in forensic pathology aims to address the critical shortage in this field. The newest fellowship program at the Medical College of Georgia is designed to train more of the physicians who investigate unexplained and...

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