Georgia Researchers Leading the Way

The Peach State’s multidisciplinary cyber research seeks to keep citizens safe online From the banks of the Savannah River to the busy streets of Atlanta, cybersecurity research has become one of Georgia’s top  priorities. As the wider world becomes more interconnected, and more and more devices...

Mechanical Thrombectomy

There's a new emerging standard of care to quickly treat big clots in the brain.

Alone in the Woods

One runner’s fight against doubt, anemia and the desire to quit On race days, Lara Way has her shoes on before the sun comes up. Hundreds of five o’clock starts at the Augusta Canal have led her to this moment. Hundreds more will follow. Before she leaves her hotel room, she takes a moment to braid...

Out of the Lab: Better Together

The new slogan for the James M. Hull College of Business is Better Together, and one of the standout examples of this inclusive idea is the research done by a team of three undergraduate business students working under the direction of Dr. Simon Medcalfe, associate professor of finance and...

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It Came From The Future

The West Coast wakes to the news: New York City is gone. Exploiting a flaw in the city’s cargo inspection hardware, state-sponsored terrorists smuggled a dirty bomb through Brooklyn’s Red Hook port. Casualties number in...

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