J. Harold Harrison, M.d. Education Commons

Uncommonly Altruistic

Editor’s note: MCG students have acclimated quickly to their beautiful new home on campus, the J. Harold Harrison, M.D. Education Commons. Following are those whose generosity helped make the building possible, including, of course, its namesake. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, but we welcome notifications of additions or corrections. To provide feedback, contact Ralph Alee in the MCG Development Office at 706-721-7343.

Inside the J. Harold Harrison, M.D. Education CommonsEducation Commons
Dr. J. Harold Harrison and Sue Harrison

Boardman Family Patio – Clayton Boardman III and Ann Boardman

Small Auditorium 1
McKnight Family Hall – Will and Mason McKnight and families

Small Auditorium 2
Hull Family Hall – Regent James M. Hull and family

Commons Corridor
Medical College of Georgia Foundation

Commons Corridor Conference Room
Estate of Dr. Mims Aultman

Learning Community
Dr. E. Dan and Cam DeLoach
Dr. Lloyd Schnuck
Dr. Roy Witheringon Sr. and Sondra Witherington

Administrative Conference Room
Dr. Peter and Leonie Buckley

Small-Group Room
Dr. William and Veronica Brooks
Corporate Environments
Drs. Murray and Sandra Freedman
Dr. Dan and Adeline Hanks
Dr. Melvin Haysman and Roberta Kamine-Haysman
Dr. LaMar and Julia E. McGinnis/Dr. L. Scott and Roline H. McGinnis
Dr. Julia Mikell
MCG Class of 1979
Drs. Julian Nussbaum and Stephanie Goie
Dr. James Osborne Sr. and Nancy Osborne
Dr. Theo and Artemesia Dennis Thevaos
Dr. Irving and Cissie Victor
Drs. Charles and Betty Wray

Donors of $1,000 or more
Ralph and Christine Alee
Dr. Elizabeth Appel
Dr. Ricardo and Cindy Azziz
David and Susan Barcus
Dr. Lisa Bernstein
Dr. Richard and Suzanne Bodziner
Don and Beth Brigdon
Dr. Barbara Carlton
Dr. Steven and Deborah Carpenter
Drs. Frank and Gretchen Caughman
Dr. S. William Clark III and Jill Clark
Dr. Fred and Karen Daniel
Dr. A. Joe and Cindy Edwards
Dr. Ruth-Marie and Michael Fincher
Drs. Jacqueline Fincher and J. L. Lemley
Dr. Michael and Julie Freeman
Georgia Power Foundation
Georgia Bank Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Kimberly Halbur
Dr. Mark and Leslie Hamrick
Dr. Paul and Amy Harris
Dr. John M. and Mona Heng
Dr. Michael and Marilyn Herbert
Dr. Michael and Monica Hollifield
Kevin and Lee Little
Dr. Edwin and Virginia Lynch
Dr. Alva Mayes Jr. and Dora Mayes
Dr. Walter Moore Jr. and Marilyn Moore
Drs. Tony and Laura Mulloy
Andrew and June Newton
Tom and Susan Norton
Dr. Peter and Suzanne Payne
Dr. Joan and David Perlow
Dennis and Teri Perry
Dr. B. Lamar and Miriam Pilcher
Dr. R. Steven and Deborah Powell
Jim and Pat Rush
Dr. G. Lynn Satterfield
Dr. Richard and Deborah Simmons
Major Franklin L. and Carolyn Smith
Dr. George Snelling III
Dr. Max and Sarah Stachura
Dr. Robert and Cathy Stout
Ray and Bonnie Troiano
Tull Charitable Foundation
Dr. Paul and Allison Turk
Dr. Paul and Rae Wallach
Dr. Cecil Whitaker Jr. and Terry Whitaker
Dr. Leslie Wilkes Jr. and Ge-Juan Wilkes
Robert W. Woodruff Foundation

Thank you, Donors!

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