Nancy Young

3 Qs: Nancy Young

Dr. Nancy Young, who recently succeeded Dr. Carole Hanes as assistant dean for student affairs, reflects on her unique approach to her new role based on her multi-faceted and second-career perspective.

1. What in your background do you think has best prepared you for your new DCG role?

Before deciding on a dental career, I worked for BellSouth (now AT&T) as a service representative. During my time with BellSouth, I was asked to work with union reps and management on finding common ground on some issues. Both of these experiences have helped me develop problem-solving skills. Most recently, I completed a master’s degree in educational psychology, applied cognition and development at the University of Georgia, which has given me a good base in working with different educational techniques.   

2. What broad-stroke goals do you envision accomplishing in your new role?

To develop a comprehensive list of curricular and co-curricular significant learning opportunities for students. I’d also like to continue to foster an environment of lifelong learning among our students. We have such a wealth of knowledge among our faculty, and we are all here to share that knowledge with the next generation of dentists.    

3. How has dental school changed since you were a student, and how do you anticipate helping current students optimize their challenges?

I think the biggest change has been digital records and radiographs. I’m big on communication and I encourage students to reach out to faculty. Dental school can seem overwhelming at times, but I recommend that our students break it into manageable chunks. And more importantly, enjoy each day and don’t worry about the small stuff.

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