In Memoriam: A. Spring 2019

John Lee Anderson Jr. (MD ’60)

William A. Aultman (MD ’83)

C. N. Canup (MD ’64)

Louise K. Claussen (BA ’73)

Laurence T. Crimmins (MD ’63)

Gerald W. Davis (BBA ’87)

Clarence W. Donald Jr. (MD ’63)

Ramona R. Dumas (BSN ’74)

Frank M. Durst III (DMD ’73)

Charles W. Ford (BA ’74)

Carlos G. Grantham (MD ’63)

Maj. Donald W. Guffey (BSN ’76)

Patrick W. Harris (MS ’08)

Sara E. Hazen (BS ’86)

Louis L. Jacobs (MD ’58)

Marion H. Jordan Sr. (MD ’69)

Steve C. Karamichael (BBA ’84)

Patsy M. Lafontaine (AA ’73)

Jennifer W. Landrum (MEd ’98)

Phillip J. Lee (BA ’11)

William E. Loftis (MD ’72)

Robert J. Mainor Sr. (MD ’51)

Joyce C. Marschalk (AA ’60)

Marion G. Marshall (MEd ’78, EdS ‘87)

John W. Nelson (MD ’61)

Mary H. Norman (BBA ’72)

Michaeleen P. Peck (BA ’74)

Peter M. Pritchett (MD ’85)

Frank A. Rizza (MD ‘54)

James E. Robinson (BBA ’79)

Martha S. Robinson-McRae (BSN ’65)

Paula C. Sandidge (MD ‘60)

Bennie R. Sharpton (MD ’71)

William F. Shipman Jr. (AA ‘48, MD ‘54)

Suzanne M. Shotts (BA ’70)

The Honorable Henry G. Smith III (BBA ’75)

Frances M. Spivey (BSN ’76)

Rita C. Stanaland (BSN ’87)

Robert O. Stephens Jr. (MD ’64)

Siras A. Stocks (MD ’67)

Charles L. Todd (BS ’75)

Goodwin G. Tuck (MD ‘51)

Beatrice G. Twiname (MSN ‘79)

Thomas G. White (BA ‘71, MEd ‘75)

Non-Graduate Alumni

Mr. T. Richard Daniel


Dr. George R. Bernard Jr.

Ms. Linda S. Brown

Ms. Helen V. Buff

Ms. Geraldine Y. Gamache

Dr. Louis P. Gangarosa Sr.

Dr. Wade B. Hammer

Dr. Max Donald Miller

Dr. Donald M. Sherline

Dr. Manuel I. Weisman

Former Fellow/Resident/Intern

Dr. Jeffrey A. Cauley

Dr. William E. Check

Dr. Richard A. Heimburger

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