In Memoriam: A. Fall 2019

Angela B. Adkisson (BS ‘77, MEd ‘81)
Dr. William M. Bailey (MD ’68)
Joyce E. Bartlett (BSN ’78)
Julia B. Batchelor (MEd ’90)
Bobby C. Beck (BBA ’69)
Lounelle M. Beecher (MEd ’77, EdS ‘84)
Dr. Cliff L. Cannon Jr. (MD ’61)
Hillis B. Cooke (BA ’87)
Dr. Laurence T. Crimmins (MD ‘63)
Brig. Gen. James F. Culver (MD ’45)
Michael E. Davis (BA ’82)
Dr. F M. Davis (MD ’58)
Wilbur L. Edgar (BBA ’68)
Dr. Lois T. Ellison (MD ‘50)
Margaret A. Feldbusch (BBA ’85)
Arthur E. Ferguson Jr. (BS ’80)
Sybil M. Fletcher (BSN ’74)
Dr. David J. Frazier (MD ’77)
Dr. Joyce A. Gann (MD ‘63)
Dr. Carl R. Hartrampf Jr. (MD ’56)
Sara E. Hazen (BS ’86)
Dr. William J. Henderson (DMD ’76)
Marianne A. Hinely (MEd ’76)
Dr. Donald E. Hubbard (MD ’54)
Dr. Richard D. Huey (DMD ’76)
Dr. Clyatt W. James Jr. (MD ‘63)
Dr. Reynolds G. Jarvis (MD ’76)
Clarence C. Jeter (AA ’61, BBA ’67)
Frederica L. Jones (BS ’15)
Dr. William D. King (MD ‘68)
Joanne A. Kingery (BSN ’82)
Pamela H. Kirkpatrick (BSN ’68)
Ruth M. Kooyman (BSN ’78)
Betty H. Lake (MEd ’94)
Jonathan L. Latimer (BA ’68)
Dr. William E. Loftis (MD ’72)
Dr. William D. Lowery Jr. (MD ’58)
Kristen M. Marsh (BA ’07)
Dr. Wesley B. McDaniel Jr. (MD ‘83)
Dr. Harold M. Mims (AA ’44, MD ’48)
Maryln W. Moore (BA ’73)
Dr. Carvin C. Moreland (MD ’59)
Dr. John J. O’Shea (BA ‘76)
Dr. Peter M. Payne (MD ‘64)
Vivian C. Pennamon (MEd ’76)
Dr. Alton R. Pilcher (BS ‘68, MD ‘83)
Dr. Cynthia F. Poppell (AA ’76)
Suzanne J. Principi (MSN ’03)
Dr. Peter M. Pritchett (MD ’85)
Dr. Albert W. Ray Jr. (MD ‘61)
Robert E. Reynolds (BBA ’79)
James A. Rinker Jr. (BBA ’94)
Dr. Toivo E. Rist (MD ‘70)
Robert C. Ro.gers Jr (BBA ’72)
Dr. David H. Rozier Sr. (MD ’57)
Dr. Norman R. Saliba (MD ’58)
Margaret P. Sanders (BBA ’67)
John F. Schroen Sr. (BS ’82)
Dr. Ruth M. Shull (MD ‘55)
Jan S. Simmons (BS ’76)
Dr. Fredric M. Simowitz (MD ’62)
Barbara T. Simpson (BSN ‘58, MSN ‘78)
Genell W. Smith (BA ’90)
Dr. Chester M. Smith Jr. (MD ’60)
Dr. Randolph R. Smith (MD ’70)
Mary C. Steinberg (MS ’77)
Dr. Patrick H. Stephens (DMD ’87)
Dr. Steven C. Taylor (DMD ‘80)
Sandra D. Taylor (MEd ’89, EdS ‘91)
Dr. Dollie T. Transou-Reeves (BA ‘78, MS ‘78)
Mary K.H. Walker (MS ’92)
Thomas E. Wansboro (BBA ’76)
Reatha W. Ward (BSN ’67)
Margaret Watson (MSN ’75)
Dr. Jerry O. Weaver (MD ‘66)
Thomas G. White (BA ‘71, MEd ‘75)
Dr. Roston M. Williamson Jr. (MD ’51)
Dr. Paula D. Wilson (MD ’75)

Non-Graduate Alumni

Ms. Sara B. Breibart
Mr. James M. Dicks
The Honorable William M. Fleming Jr.
Ms. Mary Lou F. Garren
Mr. Charles P. Owens
Ms. Virginia Rhodes
Ms. Caroline B. Scott
Mr. R L. Smith Jr.
Mr. Warren W. Stewart Sr.


Robert D. Stager
Walter C. Adamson
Gregory J. Bennett
Ruby Bennett
Irma A. Bentley
Christopher Blizzard
Charles E. Bollinger
Stanley G. Etersque
Phyllis Flynn
George H. Foster
James B. Hudson
John N. Leone
William A. Miller
Janice L. Mitchum
Coy E. Moore
Donald G. Murphy
Mary E. Pileggi
David M. Poston
Donald M. Sherline
Arthur W. Suprek
Henry B. Thomas
Adel T. Wilkes
Virendra B. Mahesh

Former Fellow/Resident/Intern

Dr. George R. Dawson III
Dr. Samuel C. Irwin
Dr. Eric D. Lincoln
Dr. Aaron W. Sullivan
Dr. William C. Watkins
Dr. Thomas M. Williams III

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