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Cancer Imaging Workhorse

Along with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) was voted by physicians in 2001 as the top medical innovation of the previous 25 years, and for good reason. The CT gives physicians a quick, noninvasive look inside the body...

Can Creating Art Aid in Hospital Recovery?

Art educator Dr. Karen Heid and counselor educator Dr. Kathryn Henderson have collaborated with Augusta University’s Department of Patient Engagement to create Art Play Studio, a program that takes art instruction into the Children’s Hospital of...

Cutting Obesity Down to Size

Every time Dr. Neal L. Weintraub glances up from his Augusta University desk, his eyes fall on the bicycle propped up in the corner. “I bike to work every day, and I love it,” says Weintraub, interim chief of the Medical College of Georgia Division...

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