In Memoriam: A. Spring 2018

Allan Aldridge

(BBA ’70)

George Batayias

(MD ’60)

John Bigger

(MD ’60)

Faith Brown

(MS ’55)

Yvonne Brown

(BA ’94)

Perry Busbee

(MD ’51)

Caren Chaknis

(MD ’92)

Thomas Cochran

(MD ’71)

Sheldon Cohen

(MD ’51)

Pamela Collier

(MSN ’92)

Leonard Cotts

(MD ’56)

Jane Dye

(BA ’89)

John Ezzard

(MD ’61)

Michael Garrett

(MD ’91)

Hugh Gibson

(MD ’61)

Janet Golden

(MT ’77)

K. Allen Harper

(MD ’63)

Mavis Harrison

(BS ’81)

Milton Johnson

(MD ’60)

Tommy Jordan

(MD ’70)

Jack Lawler

(MD ’61)

Marianne Lennard

(MT ’69)

Gary Lewis

(DMD ’77)

A. David Luckey

(DMD ’75)

Judith McAlister

(BSN ’68)

Elma McFall

(BSN ’76)

James Menger

(BFA ’09)

Roger Millwood

(MD ’78)

Douglas Mitchell

(MPMT ’98)

Darrell Murray

(MD ’58)

Dearing Nash

(MD ’51)

Ronald Owens

(DMD ’87)

Franklin Payne

(AA ’74)

Barbara Powell

(MD ’62)

Janet Reichard

(BA ’77)

Thomas Shelton

(DMD ’94)

Daniel Spears

(DMD ’81)

William Stevens

(AA ’43)

Thomas Sturkie

(MD ’58)

Marian Unger

(BA ’68)

Marcella Wood

(MD ’53)

John Yarbrough

(MD ’84)

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